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My Resume

B I L L Y  J O H N  F R E D E L U C E S  A N T O N I O

415 Bacood Street, Santa Mesa, Metro Manila,  Philippines 1016

Email Address: Billy.Antonio@Man.Ph.Sykes.Com




San Sebastian College-Recoletos

Claro M. Recto, Manila.



Course:                                 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)



San Sebastian College-Recoletos

Claro M. Recto, Manila.




Santa Mesa Parochial School

Old Santa Mesa, Manila.




Seminar                                                Sponsor                                                                Date

EDP Management                             Computer Science Department                     August 1997

Centura Builder                                 Computer Science Department                     September 1997

Sybase Database                                Computer Science Department                     September 16, 1997

Computer Aided Instruction         Computer Science Department                     July 3, 1999

Computer Networking                    Computer Science Department                     July 10, 1999

Electronic Commerce                       Computer Science Department                     August 7, 1999

Hardware Troubleshooting           Computer Science Department                     August 21. 1999

Java Script                                           Computer Science Department                     August 28, 1999


Training                                               Sponsor                                                                Date

Peer Facilitator                                  College Guidance Center                                July 1997

Phase I                                                 College Guidance Center                                July 26, 1997

Phase II                                                College Guidance Center                                August 23, 1997

Phase III                                              College Guidance Center                                November 15, 1997


 Basic Training Course for CompuServe Customer Care Consultants

- Conducted February 05-24, 2001 by AOL Interactive Learning Department.

 Basic Training Courses for CompuServe Classic Training

- Conducted August 6-7 2001 by AOL Interactive Learning Department.

 Basic Training Course for Windows XP operating system

- Conducted by AOL Interactive Learning Department.

 Basic Training Course for Wal-Mart connect (ISP)

- Conducted by AOL Interactive Learning Department.



September 2, 2001 Promoted from Student Consultant to Associate Consultant.

July 18, 2001 Raving Fan Award for the month of June 2001.

August 18, 2001 X of X contributor on AOL Philippines Call Center.

September 16, 2001 Crew of the Month for the month of August 2001.

October 21, 2001 Crew of the Month for the month of September 2001.

October 26, 2001 Crew of the Month for the month of October 2001.



Dancing, Singing, Playing Basketball, Billiards and Surfing the internet.



Computer Literate, Internet, Troubleshooting computers.



1. Operating System:

- Dos version, Windows95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP.


2. Internet Programs:

- America Online 6.0, America Online 7.0, CompuServe Classic, CompuServe 2000 4.0, CompuServe 2000 version 5.0, CompuServe 2000 version 6.0, CompuServe 2000 version 7.0, Gateway.Net, Wal-Mart Connect, Outlook Express 4.5 and 5.0, Outlook 2000, Eudora.


3. Windows Program:

- Microsoft Office 97, Microsoft Office 2000, Vantive, Lucent CentrVu Supervisor, CMS Automation, Abts program.


3. Programming Languages:

- Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0, Borland Delphi, Microsoft Visual FoxPro 5.0, FoxPro for Dos, Turbo C, Turbo Pascal, Assembly Language.


4. Graphic Software:

- Flow Chart, PrintShop, Adobe Premiere, 3D Studio Max, Assymetrix Toolbook II.



 Name of Company                            Position                                                Date of Attendance

Sykes Asia Inc.                                  Data Administrative Specialist     March 4, 2002 - Present


Department: Intel Customer Support



1. Gather necessary reporting data and generate

2. Call reports

3. Cases/email reports (Cases/email process/day/week/agent, execution error summary and enhancements, Bonepile, adhoc, cancel and reorder)

4. Adhoc request

5. Collating and updating the raw data base for various reports(weekly / monthly).

6. Updating Call Center Indicator

7. Preparing basic reports calls stats/ SLA stats / closure rate.

8. Assisting in making reports for the QBR.

9. Assisting in collating monthly fax summary

10. Assisting in making monthly summary reports

11. Extracting case age data for closure rate in cognos

12. Collating Care call analysis

13. Collating alerts validation report

14. Assisting in providing data/making reports required to assess team performance.


Name of Company                                            Position                                Date of Attendance

America Online Member Services            Associate Consultant       Feb. 5, 2001- Feb. 10, 2002



1. Educating the members about the features of CompuServe software.

2. Troubleshooting the Internet Connection.

3. Helping the members in installing the CompuServe software.

4. Assisting members with their difficulties like disconnection, unable to access e-mail.

5. Providing the instructions on how to set up third party software.

6. Providing Technical Support to the members over an e-mail and chat support.


Name of Company                                            Position                                Date of Attendance

Philippine Airlines Inc.                  On the Job Training          Nov. 10, 1999-Feb. 18, 2000


Department:  Information System Department



1. Replicating Hard Disk in Operating System 2 warp 4.

2. Installing Jade Language, Oracle Financial, Windows 95 & Windows 98, Office 97, Anti-Virus, Eudora, Internet.

3. Formatting the Hard Disk, Making Patches.

4. Maintaining the computer of an individual employee.

5. Installing and troubleshooting the printer connection.

6. Installing Network cable, Crimping RJ45 connectors, placing a Network Interface Card (NIC).

7. Configuring TCP/IP, Gateway, and DNS Address on the computer.



Mrs. Ruchi Mehrotra

Position: Senior Account Manager

Company: Sykes Asia, Inc.

Address: 4th floor San Miguel Properties Center

St. Francis Avenue, Ortigas Center, 

Mandaluyong City Philippines 1550

Mobile:  (63917)-8332893 / Direct Line: (632)-6369828


Mr. Teofilo Dela Chica Jr.

Position: EDP Head

Company: San Sebastian College-Recoletos

Address: Claro M. Recto, Manila, Philippines

Contact: (632) - 7348931


Ms. Remy Bacani

Position: Communication Specialists

Company:  America Online Member Services Philippines

Address: Bldg. 2112 & 2113 C.P. Garcia Corner

L. Tanada Streets, Clark Special Economic Zone,

Clarkfield Pampanga, Philippines 2009

Contact: (6345) 5993658 / (6345) 5993950



Sex                         :               Male

Civil Status          :              Single

Age                        :               23

Date of Birth        :             May 12, 1979

Place of Birth      :              Quezon City, Philippines

Nationality          :               Filipino

Religion                :               Roman Catholic

Height                   :               5'8"

Weight                  :               195 lbs.

Fathers Name    :               Wilfredo G. Antonio

Mothers Name  :               Evelyn F. Antonio



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