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Welcome to my
Operating System Basics

Basic Skills
Become a Real Computer GeekChange the Page Orientation of a Print JobChange the Paper Size for a Print Job
Copy a File From a Floppy Disk or CDCopy a File to a Floppy DiskCopy and Paste Parts of a Document
Create a FolderDelete a FileDelete a Print Job
Install a Computer Program SafelyKeep Abreast of New TechnologyLearn how to use Linux
Make Your Friends Believe You're a Computer GeekMove a File to Another FolderOpen a File Without the Program That Created It
Organize Directories on Your ComputerPrint a FileRemove Clutter From a Hard Drive
Rename a File or FolderSave Files in Different FormatsSave a File With a Different Name
Troubleshoot a ComputerUninstall a Windows Program SafelyUse Desktop Shortcuts for Quick Access to Files
Use Keyboard Commands Instead of Menu CommandsUse Keyboard Commands to Move Around in a Document 
Mac OS
Add a Category Button to the Mac LauncherAdd a Color and Text Label to a Mac IconAdd an Item to the Apple Menu
Add an Item to the Mac LauncherAdd an Item to the Mac ScrapbookChange System Colors and Fonts on a Mac
Change the Background Picture on a MacChange the Date and Time on a MacChange the Default Printer on a Mac
Change the Mac Start-Up DiskChange the Sound Volume on a MacChange the Warning Beep on a Mac
Convert Your Windows-Using Friends to MacsCopy and Paste With Drag and Drop on a MacCreate a Clipping File on a Mac
Create a Mac Start-Up DiskCustomize Macintosh Desktop IconsDeal With a Crash-Prone Mac
Find Macintosh ApplicationsFind Macintosh Control Strip ModulesFind Macintosh Shareware and Freeware
Find Out How Much RAM Your Mac HasFind a File on a MacFind a Macintosh Users Group (MUG)
Force the Mac Trash Can to EmptyFormat a PC Disk on a MacGet Files From Another Computer to an iMac
Get Help on a MacHave Your Mac Read to You Hide Windows on the Mac
Increase the Memory for a Macintosh ApplicationIncrease the Speed of a Macintosh ComputerInstall Fonts on a Macintosh
Listen to a Music CD Through Headphones on a MacListen to a Music CD on a MacMake Icons Larger or Smaller on a Mac
Make a Custom Channel in Mac OS 9Master Timesaving Macintosh TricksOpen a Program Automatically When a Mac Starts Up
Password-Protect Files With Mac OS 9.0Password-Protect a Mac DiskPaste an Item From the Mac Scrapbook
Protect a Mac File or FolderRecord a New Alert Sound on a MacRecord a Sound on a Mac
Restart a Frozen MacRight-Click on a MacSet Up Your Computer for Multiple Users in Mac OS 9
Show or Hide the Mac's Control StripSlim Down the Contents of Your Mac System FolderSwitch Between Programs on a Mac
Take a Snapshot of Part of a Mac's ScreenTake a Snapshot of a Mac's ScreenTroubleshoot Misbehaving Mac Icons
Troubleshoot Temperamental USB Devices on a MacTurn Off the Empty Trash Warning on a MacTurn Off the Sound on a Mac Altogether
Update System Software Automatically in Mac OS 9Upgrade Mac System SoftwareUse Channels for Searching in Mac OS 9
Use Mac Files on a Windows ComputerUse Macintosh Desktop PrintersUse Pop-Up Windows (Drawers) on a Mac
Use SCSI and Other Peripherals on a USB MacUse Sticky Notes on a MacUse Talking Alerts on a Mac
Use Voice Commands in Mac OS 9Use Windows Files and Disks on a MacUse a Voice Password in Mac OS 9
Use the Launcher on a MacUse the Mac's Control Strip 
Add Special Characters to a Windows Document Add a PrinterAdd an Item to the Start Menu
Back Up the Windows RegistryChange a Screen SaverChange the Background Picture on the Desktop
Change the Color of Menus and Dialog BoxesChange the Computer's Warning BeepChange the Date on Your Computer
Change the Default PrinterChange the Font Style and Size of Menus and IconsChange the Sound Volume on a PC
Change the Time on Your Computer's ClockCreate Templates (Stationery) in Microsoft WordCreate a Start-Up Floppy Disk
Customize Your Mouse PointerDecide on a Format in Which to Save Windows Sound FilesDesignate a Start-Up Drive
Edit a Sound on a Windows ComputerExit a "Frozen" Windows ProgramExperiment With the Windows Registry Safely
Export Windows Registry FilesFind Information on Using the Windows RegistryFind Out How Much Memory Your PC Has
Find a File on Your Hard DriveFormat a Floppy Disk Get Help in Windows
Get Tweak UIImport Windows Registry FilesInstall PostScript Fonts on a Windows Computer
Install TrueType Fonts on a Windows ComputerLaunch a Program Automatically When a Computer Starts UpMake Icons Larger or Smaller
Make a File Read-OnlyMaster Timesaving Windows TricksMaximize a Window
Minimize a WindowOpen the Windows Registry EditorPassword-Protect Your Computer
Password-Protect a Windows ComputerPlay Music CDs on the ComputerPlay Music CDs on the Computer Through Headphones
Play a Sound on a Windows ComputerPut a Desktop Computer to SleepRecord a Sound on a Windows Computer
Remove Items From the Start MenuRespond to "Illegal Operation" Errors in WindowsRestore the Windows Registry From a Backup
Right-Click Using the KeyboardSet Up Your Computer for Multiple UsersSet Windows Folder Options
Set the Time Zone on Your ComputerShow or Hide Your Computer's ClockShut Down a "Frozen" Windows Computer
Start Your Windows Computer in DOSSwitch Between Programs in Microsoft WindowsTake a Snapshot of a Windows Computer Screen
Turn Off Your Computer's Sound AltogetherUnderstand the Windows RegistryUse Mac Files on a Windows Computer
Use Sticky Keys in WindowsUse Tweak UI to Customize Your ComputerUse Windows Files and Disks on a Mac
Use Your Computer's CalculatorUse a Web Page as Your Computer's Background PictureUse the Memory Function on Your Computer's Calculator


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